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Lets work together to stop hate at every level. ✊🏿✊🏻✊🏽


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This is a solid example of ownership of the issue, particularly "not using ignorance as an excuse," and committing to training your staff to identify these groups when they come through. I wish more businesses would take follow suit (*ahem* Atlas Bar and Karma). I have deleted my negative review. Sincerely, thank you for taking this seriously.

"If you see something say something" something was said and nothing was done. So is this a new policy that went into effect the day you realized you lost business? Just curious since it obviously wasn't your policy prior. Sounds to me like you support your pockets more than your community.

We will always support Scott and Parrilla Grill - good food, good people

Please stop serving 'Not C's' and I'll consider coming back to eat your food

Great follow up!

Well said!

Respect. ❀️

This is a wonderful statement!! Thank you for standing up for all.

I LOVE Parrilla & I have supported them for years!❀️

I love this! But I still need to ask... Even the Grizzlies? Or can we make an exception one day out of the year?

Fighting racism is a community action

Boise Police Department Parrilla Grill, If you're going to claim that you will work to stop hate at every level, then why are you only choosing to stop some hate, but not others? Would you still serve someome wearing an anti-police shirt, or anything representing hate or violence towards our Police Officers?

I heard some gangsta rap coming out of the kitchen last time I was there and I love me some gangsta rap

Does this mean that you will no longer serve overt white supremacists or is this just marketing?


This statement doesn't commit the restaurant to any action going forward.

Wait what happened

This is why I enjoy my time at this establishment. They always make me feel welcome every time I visit...

What about hate against our police officers and military? Where do you and your service stand on that hate? Will it be tollerated? I don't see it mentioned. Thx

By pandering to any group comes across racist. By your own at guidelines. You are infact racist

Communism and its followers are the sludge destroying humanity....Parrilla Grill is now a marxist organization and no longer a "grill". your pledge is a JOKE. why don't you pledge to make better food...or good food....youd have more customers....

Does this mean you won't serve Nazis anymore? Because it came to my attention that you did. And I love your restaurant. I've even hosted World Cup parties there. But if you serve them, I'll never come back.

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It is a great day to be a American!🍻


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Did you serve known Nazis on July 4 too? Asking for a friend.

Come join us at 3! Swag give aways and an Sippin pretty river tube by @odellbrewing


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3 till 9 for the give aways!

Wake up, have that morning bloody. 🍹 We wont even look at the clock.


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Their Bloody Mary's are great!

Killer Tacos?β˜‘οΈ Cold drinks for the bar? β˜‘οΈ  A super nice spot in the shade?β˜‘οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ»


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Taco Wednesday?

Parrilla Grill Hyde Park is looking for energetic and hard working individuals to join our kitchen/dining team. If you have some foundational restaurant knowledge, are willing to work to put our guests and team first, and are enthusiastic about about working in a scratch kitchen, then you are our ideal candidate. Part time and full-time availability, hourly rate plus tips.

Parrilla Grill Hyde Park is looking for a driven, diligent, and enthusiastic individuals to join our morning prep team. If you have an affinity for scratch cooking out of a kitchen, strong attention to detail, and are spirited about interacting with our great guests, then you are going to be the ideal candidate for us. Part time and Full time availability, hourly rate plus tips.

Follow up with an email or feel free to drop off a resume in Hyde Park!
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2 months ago

Some great new beer rolling through! If you havent seen some of our new drafts rolling through come grab a pint today! I am all about this local robot shark by @lost_grove_brew
COVID update everyone.


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If some of your employees have tested positive why are you guys not shutting down until every person that works there has been tested? Staying open without the certainty that everyone else has a negative test result is extremely unprofessional and unsafe for everyone else that works there. You are risking the health of everyone that works for you. Awful.

At least they are closed to clean unlike an unnamed place upbthe street who also had a positive test & is still doing business as usual. Of course I won't be going to any of them. I felt like the window service to go was safe here to bad.

Hope y’all stay healthy and that person gets better soon!

We firmly believe it is in our best interest to keep the neighborhood safe, unless white supremacists want a taco, then they can come make a scene, but other then that..

Flavor Flav yall! The good old margy collecting some fresh new skinsπŸ˜‹
Special time!! Buffalo in the house! Buffalo Pee (the marinade)  Buffalo, Romaine, Rice, Corn Salsa, Chili Bean smear πŸ€™πŸ»πŸ€™πŸ½πŸ€™πŸΏ you are welcome!
Hey friends! New special this weekend! Bet you cant guess what we have in store🀠


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"Put a bird on it!"?

Buffalo Trace and Old Crowe?

Fried crow ala mode?

Rain got you down? Its warm and there are tacos for a dollar where we are atπŸ˜‹
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